Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Round Robin

Princess Lily and the Super Duper Round Robin Yarn Project.

I forget when the idea actually came to me, but I definitely pitched it to my girlfriends over Sarah's Montana Moonshine Lemonade. The problem? None of us have the attention span to effectively finish a blanket. And I want one. The solution? Teamwork! A couple of us knit, and a couple of us crochet. So we make [even number sized] squares that interest us, enough to supply each member of the group with one. Then we get together, drink, cook, do yarn, and trade. This is what we've got so far--hubby wanted to see the progress so I laid everything out randomly.  We're shooting for something that will fit nicely over a queen-sized bed; we'll need something like 2100 4" squares. Luckily I am bad with measurements. Another benefit is sharing yarn and patterns. So far it's working out wonderfully! More detailed photos are on my Ravelry, if you're into that.