Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's Not so Much a Storm, But Just a Cloud That Lives Inside of Me...

I was just looking for a good lyric to start this off with. I guess if you look at it, it's actually pretty accurate--I'm not the bundle of anger and fury I used to be, but I'm far from 100%. I'm actually doing pretty well these days, aside from dealing with medical and bureaucracy and what not. But it's been too long since I've written, and I had some extra time on my hands.

Anyways, point being. Honestly, I got so into finding good lyrics that I kind of forgot what I was going to write about. Looking forward to moving, of course; we put an application down on a nice place near the college. I can't wait to pack everything up and start fresh.

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing."
I was force-converted to Ubuntu by the kitten and his dad, and holy crap. It's taking some getting used to. Basically, we tried to play Civ5 one night, but my trusty laptop kept crashing... not something I'm used to. They reformatted it and installed Ubuntu and it runs a lot better, but I'm dealing with some moderate frustrations whenever I try to do anything besides surf the net. Currently I'm cycling through music players/media managers, trying to find one that's got the functionality of iTunes and can adequately chew through my 50,000 track library. Yes, 50,000. I'm on my fourth program, but took a break so I didn't break things. I will say though, my computer runs a lot smoother on linux, but I miss my programs.

Thanks to a quote from a sweet gal, I have finished one of my favorite art pieces ever. As soon as I read it, the idea came to me. I'm not sure if she found the quote or it came out of her own skull, but it's amazing and touching and I am really glad I got to do this project. I also finished my mermaid piece [that quote is ee cummings] for Havi and my first "commissioned" artwork for a gal I used to work with. Her first duty station was in Japan, so I had that to work on; she had just moved and told me her living room scheme was red-brown-black. That was plenty of info for me! I'm really enjoying art-ing, with the exception of cutting the ribcage out of tissue paper with an exacto knife... that was tedious. I'm a little bummed that I've put down the yarn for the time being, but it comes and goes. My only complaint is that the weekend never seems to be long enough. Once I finally feel relaxed, I don't feel up to getting things done. But as the rheumatologist said, I guess, "...that's just fibro."

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I had time to kill, it's dead and buried.

I've been meaning to write for the past few days, and never getting 'a round tuit' as my mom would say...

(tuit)<---oh, there it is.

This is so how I feel, like every day. Bill also gives no effs.
I almost hopped on and ranted the other night after they extended our work hours. But as it turns out, I get home pretty close to the same time. With that being said, I am now home for less than 10 hours a day... factor in the fact that I need 7-8 hours of sleep not to feel like I got hit by a truck in my sleep, and I basically have time to eat and shower and then pass out. YAY. /sarcasm I am maximizing my [totally legitimate!] time away from work; on Thursday I went to a job fair and actually spoke with some neato companies about promising jobs that involve my amazing ability to not electrocute myself. One interview is already pending.

...he doesn't really give hi-fives, either.
I did take a stay-cation last week... it was a double-edged sword. I greatly needed it, however, it spoiled the crap out of me and now I am more sarcastic, more bitter, and even less motivated--if that's even possible. It made me really appreciate free time, and also made me notice how much of it I am lacking. I spent a whole day cleaning at my own pace. I got massive kitty cuddles. AAAAAAaaaand.... I got quite a bit of random art done.

This one... I haven't finished yet. I did put a couple more layers of stuff on it, and I did scrape the wax back off... but then I got really distracted trying to find good quotes to use and haven't gotten any further since. I also spent a good hunk of money at [craft chain store] on alphabet stamps, paper, ink, scrapbook stuff, and moar paints. But not more candles for some reason. Ooooh, side note, I wonder what would happen if I started mixing water and wax?

 This one, I finished actually quite a while ago, but I couldn't post it because it was going to be a gift for Mow and Mow [did I do that right? is that how that works?]. They did in fact love it. The quote was kind of a nod back to their totally awesome Firefly-themed wedding. This one made me kind of realize that I like working with whole words a little bit more than individual letters. It makes everything easy to read. The funny looking white spots are actually silver. And yes, yes those are my toesies.

Side note, I have a couple more canvases that have a couple layers of paint on them, but I've been so busy that I haven't been able to get much time with them. The fun part is that they're all on my porch, on my art-desk-to-be, with bottles and cans of paint. So sometimes when I leave home, especially if I'm feeling frustrated or quirky, I will just spray stuff. So far, so good.