Saturday, January 7, 2017

DIY Grapefruit Toner

I know I haven't been posting pretty much at all, you all know how life gets. I don't always have interesting things to write about. Lately I've had my nose deep in a few books and sites, which isn't really entertaining to read about. I've also been down the dark, deep rabbit hole of genealogy, which probably deserves it's own post, but I'll save that for another day.

Every morning when I wake up, I spray some homemade toner on my face. It helps wake me up, it smells good, and it's good for oily skin. Any of you who know me know that the past few years my skin has gotten worse than that Krusty Burger employee in the Simpsons.

Yeah, That Guy...
Over time I've figured out what helps me most--as much as hormones would allow, that is. This recipe is kind of a spin on what my aesthetician recommended and what I have experimented with.

I use a 3 oz spray bottle and pour everything directly into it. I'm not particular on brands; grab whatever you prefer, but keep in mind that many times you get what you pay for.

Fill the spray bottle about 3/4 full with plain witch hazel. This stuff is magic. Then add a drop or two of vitamin E oil--should be self explanatory. Then add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil, depending on how strong you can stand the smell versus your skin sensitivity. After that, 10-15 drops of pink grapefruit oil. The smell mixes well with the tea tree oil, and citrus also tends to be good for skin. Put the lid back on your bottle and shake. Be warned, this stuff *does* separate when it sits, so you'll need to give it a vigorous shake every time before using it.

Although this toner is awesome and natural and lovely, but it is one step in a whole skin-care regimen. At nights I use Jan Mirini cleanser and a night cream with Manuka Honey.