Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ideas to Remember and Ponder

-SP heart throw [red & black? Or black and white?]
-Siamese Dream album cover, tapestry style squares
-or, SP discography tapestry style squares for quilt
-and of course, an epic Civ quilt

 <<-- I happen to like this version the best I think.

That is… if my hands hold up. I went to medical the other day—by the way—and they confirmed ‘entry level’ carpal tunnels. So far, right hand only. They gave me a brace and some motrin and told me to follow up in a couple weeks. I forgot to pick up the motrin, which I assume is for inflammation, but the brace is not working so well. Now, instead of my outside two fingers falling asleep whenever I do something hand-intensive, my thumb is numb most of the time, and the back of my hand is numb on minor movement and light palpitation. Woohoo [sarcasm]. They’re closed while we hang out in Bahrain, but I’ll go back in a few days and let them know. Obviously… can still type.

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