Saturday, December 22, 2012

Camels & Stella...

…do not a Christmas make.

Sorry for lack of updates as of late. Up until today things have been boring-bordering-on-depressing. Like the worst rendition of Groundhog’s Day you could imagine [at least Bill Murray had snow and beer and a piano]. Well, today was another high-volume mail day, which equals lots of smiles. My yarn came in, and also my supplements, and my hipster tee shirt which I can’t wait to wear. Also, we’ll be hitting some sand soon, so hopefully there is enough wifi to support me uploading some pics. That’s fairly necessary, because I’ve got more squares coming and also [if I have the time, which I probably won’t] a tutorial on how to crochet a treble clef. Yup, that’s right. Made one from scratch today. Still have some tweaking to do on the pattern, but for all intents and purposes, I made it!

In other news, hubs managed to score Borderlands 2 for half price on a Black Friday deal, and that got to my grubby lil mitts last week. I don’t have as much time to play—or nearly as much fun doing so—as I would at home, but so far I’ve made it to a level 14 siren all by my own self! It’s finally got me off the Civ 5 kick I was on, although that’s still pretty fun too. Now the only thing left in the mail is the 3 tb hard drive hubs has prepared. Some people are giving out giftbags and such to coworkers… that 3 tb will be my gift to my coworkers. I even took requests.

So, that’s about all going on in this neck of the woods… aside from getting insanely stir crazy and bummed out.

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