Sunday, July 14, 2013

Plantses Intro

So as you all may know, or at least if you read my general update thinggie, mah garden is all deadses. Except for the aloe I replaced, the sunflower Sir William donated, and the Mystery Plant That Will Not Die. Well, I've read about aloe 'pups' before, and my last really pretty pink/rosy aloe had popped two pups before it died. Not having any clue how to handle them, I've kept them around. Just kind of winging it. Well, somehow now that I am home, this is happening:
 Mah lil' pup is growing! I'd bought the plain aloe in consolation, but it turns out that in a few years or whatever, I may very well have my rosy aloe back. D'awwww.

In other news, here are the other sunflower and Mystery Plant.

Hopefully I will remember to blog more often... after a day of watching HAWP, well, that just deserves it's own post, so, spoiler alert for next time.

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