Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Product of Insomnia.

So back in the beginning of November, I managed to get the energy to plant some bulbs in our side garden. They were a mix of wildflower-tulips, crocuses, and something else. I didn't expect them to sprout so soon, but there's a bit of green poking up! I know they are early spring bloomers, but still. Maybe I didn't plant them deep enough. I also planted a couple small planters of bulbs, because I'll be sad to leave them all when it's time to move. That's sprouting as well, but unfortunately it looks like a squirrel or something has gotten into them. I put the pots outside because I figured what's good for the garden is probably good for the potted plants too. I can't wait until they actually start growing more! I can tell it's going to be a nice pick-me-up to come home to a flowerbed full of bright colors.
I also tried my hand at making a new cat-house. I figured since Miss Z is always trying to run away and hide, she'd really appreciate a dark corner to cuddle in, but I guess she's not really into it. Bill was only mildly interested. I didn't measure or cut my cardboard, I just grabbed a random piece we had and covered it with some fuzzy crocheted scraps, but if you want detailed instructions, you can find them here

I've been stressing and organizing pretty hardcore on school stuff, work stuff, and travel plans. Unfortunately, they overlap quite a bit, and I have a lame decision to make. I am still up in the air about it, but I'm really excited to start my path to being a dual-degree'ed individual. I'm also really frustrated with the holes in my potential schedule simply because of the flow of prerequisites. 

I guess the only other interesting thing of any interest is the snowflake project. I am not quite sure how I'm going to make this happen [aside from fancy 3D printing in a perfect world] but The Book of Everyone's snowflake project is really neat. Since it combines art and words, I'm sold. It's ideally for names, but I found it works just as well with short phrases. Of course, I found this and came up with the idea much too late to use it for this Christmas season, but I guess it can wait til next year. I also didn't finish my paper crane ornaments like I was hoping, or even really decorate at all. It was pretty disappointing in general. For someone who usually decorates the house and makes some cookies, it was kind of depressing to not even put up a tree. Oh well. This year has been pretty upside down, but knowing me, it won't ever change!

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