Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Mean, This is "Normal," Right?

So what were you doing at 9 or 10 pm on a Saturday night? I was apparently baking. Yup. Because I'm still transitioning off nights, so why not? Banana muffins are my new "thing."

Side note, I want a cat or dog named Dinah, so I can be in the kitchen with her, every time I cook. Ha.

So, I had leftover blueberries from last time I made muffins, which was only like a week or so ago. At the Met, I saw a little thing of pomegranate... Uh... Thingies. You know. I figured, "well, I dont see this every day, and they already did the work for me, and I kinda like pomegranates... Sooo..."

...this totally happened.

You know what else happened??

  1. Can you guess? If you work at Dirty Oscar's Annex, you probably can. After scooping out half the basic banana muffin mix to use with fresh strawberries, I got down to the team business out the day: Dead Elvis Muffins. Damn straight, I made bacon-peanut-butter-banana muffins.

End of story.

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