Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Who'da Thunk

Paraphrased at Best:
"Go home, eat the best food you can find, and drink lots of water. As always, practice kindness--And start with the person on the mat first. When your cup is full, let it overflow onto others."

From another angle: "Take care of yourself first--you can't heal others if you're too broken."
[Unless your name is Chiron...]

There's a reason the verb for doing yoga is "to practice." It's been a while, but honestly I can say I feel great. It's slightly frustrating though, and a little difficult to stay positive, because I remember what I used to be capable of... and I'm nowhere near that right now. But thinking of that word, "practice," reminded me of band practice. I think in life I need a thing to practice. I may have stepped away from the music, but I have been feeling a calling lately. Part of it is because of the cruise--they have an open jam every night and I'm hoping I still have the chops to follow a guitarist and fake my way through a song or two. My practice used to be music [and rage, I suppose, haha]. Now, my practice will be yoga [and peace].

In case you missed the bulletin, my favoritest yoga studio moved to a much more acceptable location. I used to be able to jog the mile down to the studio before I left the apartment. Until they moved [opening night was literally tonight], I had to drive over, park down town, pay for that or risk the ticket, etc etc. Now I'm back within walking range. I am so excited for that. I'll be starting a 30 day challenge on my next chance. Goal Pose [just realized that it is ironic]:

If you had told 16 year old me that I'd be heading home from yoga, looking forward to leftover Indian food, and snuggling up to my sweetheart vet ... I would have laughed in your face until I suffocated. Ask anyone who knew me, they'd agree. But now, I couldn't ask for more. [Okay actually I could, but I'm sure it will work out later].

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