Sunday, April 13, 2014

I wish you would take your radio to bathe with you...

-hippity hop-

So, as it turns out I did not have a ginormous hangover after the show, for my birthday, but as I mentioned here recently, the CD player in my car pooped out. That combination of events led me to researching car audio. I found a neat little adapter for $40 on Amazon, but that still requires a lot of de- and re-assembly of my car. Plus, no instant gratification, which I live for. So, after doing more research and a quick chat with some friends via FB, I wandered over to Best Buy. Again, chatting ensues, mostly with their audio installer. Surprise, he doesn't laugh at me or even really look shocked when I say, "Well, I'd love to, but I'm kind of broke so I think I'm going to install it myself... I work with TV distribution and electronics anyways, so I don't think I can mess it up too bad..." I finally decide on a single-DIN data-only receiver, open box, for about $60. It's bluetooth capable, but they didn't have the mic so the nice guy gave me 10% off on top of the open box price. When he told me how you install the BT mic's, I decided I don't care for ripping off every piece of trim on the driver's side of my car, I can live with out it, so long as it streams music from my phone. Which it totally does.

So, if you ever wanted to know what the inside of a Toyota Celica's dash looks like... Here ya go. With a bit of help from some Spanish-speaking dude on YouTube, I managed to do this all by myself! Okay not entirely all by myself. The connector kit I'd bought had quick-release connections, but no spades, so I had to use the crimpy kind to connect all the wiring [tee hee, pardon my girl jargon]. Unfortunately, my hands are shot, so I had to have Mr. Man-Hands take care of that part. After flipping the stereo around about three times, unclipping and reclipping the wires because I got excited and didn't really pay attention to what I was doing, it was testing time. And guess what? IT WORKED. Yes, as a female, I was able to remove and install my own car stereo, 95% all by myself. Hooray! I don't know if I just think I have something to prove or what, but being productive, especially in ways like this, really brings me a lot of satisfaction.

Afterwards, I retreated to the kitchen to make fantastical magic spaghetti for dinner. Electrician and chef... whew, I know one lucky Italian boy. Like I said back on Hab Team... "Look, I know how to use power tools, and I'm not bad in the kitchen, either!"

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