Sunday, April 27, 2014

Procrastinated OCD

So, Procrastination and OCD are two things I'm really good at. A while back I bought a couple bedroom organizer things, and as soon as they came... they sat in their boxes in my living room for a couple weeks. Or so. The boy has been asking me to go through and toss out a lot of old stuff. I oblige from time to time, when I have time to clean stuff. One of the things I put off for quite some time was my makeup/body spray/lotion/hair stuff collection. Sigh, until last night, Mr. Bill Apollo managed to knock over the entire contents [mess] from the top of my cabinet while chasing... well, I assume it was a bug, but it could have been nothing. You know how cats are. I took that as a sign that--deep breath--it was time. Since half of my stuff was strewn across the bedroom floor already, I might as well condense before I put away. Which also meant... putting laundry away where it belongs, moving the now-empty bookshelf into the living room, putting the extra random pile of books into the bookshelf, emptying and moving the first cabinet, throwing half the old stuff out, organizing and putting the rest of the stuff away, and attempting to build the new cabinet that... now I have no clue what I'm going to put in it since I guess I didn't have quite as much 'stuff' as I thought I did. Here are the results!

I LOVE organizing! I mean, when it strikes me. If I HAVE to, then it's just no good. Everything is so pretty to me! I hope I can keep it nice for a while. Organizers inside of organizers. MMMMM-hm. Much better. Now if I could just get rid of all the boxes this stuff came in... 

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