Saturday, May 3, 2014

A New Medium

I am a member of a local [secret] crafting group. It's kind of like a round-robin or Secret Santa style thing; there's a handful of us that deal with different media, we more or less draw names secretly, and craft something for the person every month or two. Usually I stick to yarn things, because that's what I've got the most experience with, but you can only make so many scarfs before you start getting bored and feeling that they're kind of... impersonal. So with this particular 'assignment' [for lack of a better term], I had a bit more to go off of from her profile. The idea just kind of clicked. I had this old vintage-y wooden globe sitting around, a remnant of my mother's failed attempt at relocating to WA. I wish I had taken a before photo, but I didn't do a whole lot to it. I went a bit outside my crafting-comfort-zone, and man, I have got to do that more often! I just hope I continue to have epiphany-style ideas on what to make. I also intend to get into sort of... mixed media painting type stuff, like Ms. Medium, an inspiring friend whom I miss very much--and the first person I turned to with my paint questions. I haven't started that yet, but you can bet your booty when I do there will be plenty of pictures. I've got so many ideas for that, and had spent most of the morning cutting and ripping old magazines to shreds, searching for letters and common words. My only problem is going to be a) getting started, and b) streamlining my ideas so I don't try to do too much within each project. Anyways, without further ado, here are the pics I know you're all waiting for... it's kind of a found/art slash up-cycled craft kind of thing. Nevermind my clutter and the giant wall of books.

'Home is where you drop Anchor'

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