Monday, May 26, 2014

More Adventures in Art

Behold, my latest foray into the world of mixed media art. I'm starting to develop a bit of a style. I still find myself running out of letters, or getting frustrated that they don't match up as well as I'd like. I had started this piece on a burlap canvas, but the wax worked too far into the texture, so I had to grab some actual canvas and try again. I also didn't plan out the lettering as well, so it got a little crowded in the last few lines. I really like the silver drips. Each work is a bit of a learning experience. At least I found a nice way to combine "art" and words.   I've already started on my next work, for a friend's housewarming party, but since they are somewhat time-intensive I don't have pics yet--Each layer has to dry before I start a new one. Not sure what quote I'm going to pull for the dynamic duo, but I'm sure they'll love it. 

In other news, cat gets the "command hand," fears for his life.

Looking to move soon, getting very excited to have a house again [instead of an apartment]. Can't wait for epic game nights and having a art/craft/work room. And the other best part... house generally comes with yard, which means, it might be time to add a doggy to the family again. A friend's sister has some half pit, half lab-doberman mutties that need homes. After playing with her new pup for a night, I've got puppy fever.

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