Sunday, October 5, 2014

Broken Again

I really really hate being broken. I'm okay, really. It's not so bad. I only sprained my knee, it's not the end of the world. Everything is still attached, no permanent damage, just a bit more pain than usual. Long story short, last night roughhousing I heard it go -pop- and had a bit of pain. It mostly went away, but I figured--correctly--that it would be worse in the morning. Sure enough, guess who crab-walked to the bathroom this morning? This girl. So I ended up going [sheepishly and slowly] to the ER. I mean, it's not like it's a life threatening condition or anything... Just lots of pain. At least no one at the ER made me feel guilty[-ier] about coming in. They were all really nice. As I told them, I would have gone to an Urgent Care, but we don't really have one [Tricare Prime, and all that jazz]. Plus it was easier to go to that ER than drive all the way to work, which is 45 minutes on a good day. The PA said my knee was strong and the x-rays were good, but I should follow up if it still hurts after a week or so. That would mean there's potential damage to the actual cartilage, which they can only see with MRIs. They gave me a terrible taco-leg brace, midget-crutches, and some vicodin. And also a note for bed rest, because it's my driving leg... and remember how I said 45 minutes on a good day? Yeah no thanks. I will say though, at least at this new place I know they'd work with me and let me sit most of the day once I actually got there--it's just the getting there that I'm worried about.

I only drank about a half of one
and was out for at least three hours...
So fun fact, this stuff here has melatonin in it. I'm not sure if it was because I took the vicodin too [usually it doesn't affect me, it's just like strong motrin to me] or because this stuff actually works. I'm going to definitely try it again, considering my recent bout of insomnia. I'm chalking some of that up to the new doc putting me back on gabapentin. Last time I took it, I didn't notice a whole lot; but at that time, it was part of a different chemical cocktail. I'm slowly confirming my theories on gabapentin-plus-Celexa, and hopefully soon I'll have this stuff sorted out. Doc wants me on 300mg at night at 100mg in the mornings, but doing it his way was keeping me up all night, and making me crash right after work for a three or four hour nap. I'm slowly cycling over to 200mg in the am and 200mg around lunch or after work, hopefully combating that afternoon slump. I asked around in one of the Fibro groups I follow, and so far it seems like I'm the only one who gets a little speedy [followed by the crash, of course] on gabapentin.

Cause and Effect:
I am broken, therefore I crochet.
So with the note off from work, and being stuck in a  bed, that does give me some time to finish lil Zoe's blankie. Mama is being induced today, so maybe she'll finally pop out. If she is stubborn and waits til after midnight, she'll share a birthday with our roomie. I just have to do the border on... um... well most of the squares... and then connect them all together. But hey, what else am I going to do? Ice my knee, pout about being stuck, crochet, and watch bad tv. I was so set to do all kinds of chores today--laundry, dishes, ironing, taking out trash from everywhere... I mean I was gonna go Stepford on this place. But now... sigh. The boys have been great at spoiling me though, even if they are a little overprotective. I'm not used to being 'taken care of,' and I guess I'm still stubborn and have that 'No I can do it!' mentality. They're going to make sure I take it easy though. And you know who else is going to make sure I take it easy? Miss Maow. She's had it a little rough the past couple nights herself; the boys want to play, and then play turns into being too rough, and next thing you know... ouchies.

"Ladies don't start fights...
But they can finish them!"
She is extremely cuddle-rific these days though. Or should it be cuddle-tastic? I don't know. I want a cookie, or some ice cream. Oh, and it has also been brought to my attention... Well, let's just say it was kind of like "shutting the gate after the cattle have already wandered off," as my mom used to say. I don't mean to be the vague, pessimistic, passive-aggressive 'nag about problems via the internet' type of gal here, so I'll just leave it at that I suppose. 

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