Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY... ish

Or in my case, "bring things home and have an over-zealous roommate with a dremel do it."

The only drawback of kitties is the litter box. It's worse for some people than others, and the Italian hates it. He wanted to turn a spare bathroom drawer into a box holder to keep some of the litter off the bathroom floor, but since we're renting I wasn't sold on that idea. But, having looked it up in the past, I had another idea ready to go. $10 plastic tote from Wally World, turn it upside down, and cut a door into it. I asked the boys for some sandpaper before I started the project, but Lo and Behold, a dremel appeared! Granted, they went a little overboard while I worked on the beef Stroganoff, but hey, you know what, the litter box cover [aka "Das Poop Haus"] was completed in record time, and probably relatively low effort. I'm not sure yet how the kitties are going to react to it. Also, I'm not a big fan of having the litter box on carpet, but really we're out of places to put one upstairs. Hopefully the combination of covered box and litter mat inside [not that you can really see it] will keep the litter out of the carpet.

Yes, there's an ohm on top.
Everyone could use some zen while they poop.

Aside from this last minute renovation [innovation?], I'm planning on repainting a bookshelf to use as a TV stand. The one we like is $100 at Wally World, but lacquer spray paint was only $20. It's pretty sturdy, so we'll see how it works. If not, meh, small loss. Also, the Italian's boss [no Mafia jokes, please, haha] is expecting--his wifey is about to pop any day now. Or better said, if she doesn't pop by the end of the week, they're dragging the little alien out. Realizing that being social requires certain... efforts... he realized we should do something sweet for them as little Z arrives. Which means, long story short, I have an excuse to crochet!! Wrapping up the bases for her blanket now... I'm not sure I'm sold on the monogram-type square, the Intarsia came out a little harder to read than I'd hoped. Worst case scenario, I might redo it with one letter per square, and do them catty-corner on the blanket. This has been my main project for the weekend. Once I run out of the multicolor yarn, I'll put edges on them all, and start connecting the squares. Yes I know, they don't look very square yet, but they will! I promise.

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