Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[finishing touches]

Had a fairly productive day, despite the feeling that I'm coming down with crud and a strange pulled... throat muscle? It's weird. Anyways. Starting Squat Challenge tomorrow, now that my workplace allows and fosters appropriate use of gym time, and doesn't wear me out or eat up so much of my life that it's impossible to self-care. On that note, I wrapped up today with a 30-minute Hatha bedtime routine, and a 20-minute neck/shoulders/upperback release routine. I already feel better.

I figured that after yoga I'd just pass out, but somehow I got the strange motivation to finish up a piece I'd put on the back burner. I was torn between finding a scratchy font or drawing the letters out myself, but today I decided that I'd stick to my style and just do the stamped tissue paper instead. Here's the--still wet--final result. I think the ModPodge helped bring out some of the colors from the failed transfer. I also think that Mr. Brown is going to love it. Now, if I could just sit down and start sketching for the 'little bird'...

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