Saturday, September 6, 2014

Down Time

Well, all the boys are out being social and whatnot, and while it's great to see everyone, I'm just really burnt out. I had two straight days of crazy hell at work, and I can really tell what a toll it took on me. I'm certainly not upset or anything, I just don't have the energy or mental clarity to be witty and personable, especially not for the purpose of making new friends--I think we will be getting along just dandy with our new neighbors though, to say the least. I'll probably jam acoustic with them at some point, just... I need a bit of emotional detox and recoup time.

For those that don't know, I have one of two of my metaphorical 'Golden Tickets.' I have my blue card to get transferred to a temporary assignment while I wait for the MEB docs to figure out how broken the military has made me. Although it tacks on another 10 or 20 minutes to my commute, there are no ladders and I'll actually be utilized either as a driver or a desk jockey most likely. It's still the military, so I can't cut loose civilian-style just yet, but at least I'll be with people who take my condition seriously and don't push me to, or past, my limits. It'll be good times. Or, worst case, better times. That's all I can really ask for.

In picture news, here's the artwork I mentioned a couple days ago. Since I had a smidge of down time today and nowhere to go tomorrow, I worked on finishing it up. It's my first take at anything remotely resembling a self-portrait. For some reason, the hardest part of this whole thing was actually sitting down to draw out the figure representing myself, capturing ME on page. I don't know if other folks have this block too, but it kind of makes sense to me. Of course I started off with some lyrics and worked from there on. I used some Atlas imagery, along with my research on his images. To transform my thought into a female form, I had to look for some yoga images to really work it into what I was trying to accomplish. Of course, it didn't exactly turn out like I was expecting, but that's just the way art is. I had to detail a couple things afterwards, which is why I didn't post this one the other day. Next project--an actual self portrait. If the lyrics are hard to read, check out the song itself.

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