Monday, September 1, 2014

Next Level Homemaker Maneuver!

I was hoping I'd finish a very special piece of art today in time to post, but it needs to finish drying and have a couple more layers worked out. I had a rather eventful day all said and done. Unfortunately it takes me about two hours to do the grocery shopping at Wally World because of the ADD and Fog, but you know, whatev. Overall it's been a good day. I can't remember half of it, but I feel good. And happy--definitely a new one for me. I didn't spend a single morning this weekend looking at the sunrise over a creek, so I guess I broke that part of the promise, but... walking back from breakfast yesterday, I really did feel happy. I had a big uncontrollable grin on my face. And it's been a year since I looked at a beautiful scene with someone whom I thought cared for me very much and felt absolutely dead inside. It's been a long, crazy trip since then, but I've come a long way. And it seems like things are continuing to move in directions that only indicate life will continue to improve as we move away from [un]lucky 2013. I would love to point to celestial bodies, but unfortunately I don't understand them enough to warrant an explanation.

Okay so anyways, moving on, I have pictures to share! As always, of course. They may not be of art in particular, but they are stuff I did.

 So, here is my bathroom door. Fun fact, it doesn't open in or out... it slides into the wall. Cool, sure, but I've noticed that when it slides into the door, the friction between it and the frame has been scuffing the paint on the door itself. I originally bought some fabric to mount on the door, but it got reclaimed by my tarot deck, so I went back to my original idea--painter's tape [I couldn't find any at the craft store, ironically]. So I lined the painter's tape across where the scuffs were starting to hit. I may do some stenciling or painting over the tape, just to add to the artistry of it. I also decided that I wasn't pleased with all the whiteness, so I lined the panels too. On the lefthand side you can see my "A Little Cracked but Still Not Broken" above my smallest bookshelf, and "Mo Anam Cara" next to the Godzilla collection [that's a whole 'nother rant, I should follow up on that!]

My other project for this evening only took me about five minutes! So, the kitties love to sit in this bathroom window. Unfortunately, one of them likes to nudge the orchids a little too close to the edge for my taste; also, I've found that they are getting too much direct sun in this window. You can see them to the very right, next to the Eucalyptus and Aliesha Larson's "Calavera Girl" [gorgeous art, she is a huge inspiration to me to 'keep at it']. Unfortunately, they always manage to run into the blinds. I'm a little paranoid since I left the apartment with a $1700 discrepancy, and now we already have to replace these blinds, as they've broken two slats already. But. There's a second-floor neighbor right across the way, so unfortunately we can't leave the blinds open all the time... so first of all, I picked up some spray-on window frost. All it really does is opaque the window a little bit, and theoretically I can clean it of with simple acetone when it's time to move. I also noticed that in their jumping onto the ledge--or perhaps off the ledge--aforementioned kitties are also scuffing up the tile or whatever. So I bought a small bathroom rug, the kind that's slightly grippy on the bottom, just hoping it would fit in the window. It fits almost perfectly, with just a small overhang that I was able to thumbtack in place. Now we have a wonderful kitty perch and much less damage to the rental.

Last photo. Over the past couple days, I've decided that I want to get into Bonsai. Well, sort of. Ideally I'd like to have a bonsai tree and integrate it into a sort of terrarium setting. Maybe a teensy tiny pond, rocks and pebbles, some moss and sand, ya know? Well, I found out that bonsai is less a type of tree, and more a style--sometimes a dwarf or a cutting, but the concept is to emulate or capture the whole of nature in a small, tabletop-sized pot. Although I stopped by a local nursery, I didn't find much. Most of the "kits" on Amazon are actually misleading, and start from seeds... which can take years to grow before you can even begin to work with them. I have a major soft spot for the super-red maples and whatnot, and although you can sometimes use them for bonsai-ing [yes, I made that up]. After coming up with not much at the nursery, I thought Wally World would be a long shot--and it was, until I found this little guy in the back corner. Technically a vine, something about a red sweet-potato? I don't know, but I love the color and the shape of the leaves. I should've picked one of the others that weren't so root bound, but this guy had a whole bunch of leaves, so I'm going to see how it goes. Of course, I don't have the proper substrate or the appropriate dish [my cheap fix idea didn't pan out because I can't figure out how to get drain holes into ceramic]. I plan on replanting it in the next couple days, so we'll see how it survives that.

Well. That about sums up my evening. I took my amiltryptoline for the evening, but it's kind of a slow effect, it's just been causing typos, not knocking me out. Signing off for now, good people. Do something today that makes someone smile, even if that someone is you. 

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