Thursday, September 25, 2014

Army of Cranes

I guess it's been a little while, hasn't it? Adjusting to a new pace of life has been exhausting, exciting, and rewarding. Aside from some pretty nasty shoulder pain, things have been getting better. The nice new "part time" military  is working pretty well. It's really nice to have a day off to recover and get things done around the house, taking care of things around the house. Not to mention epic marathons of House... the show, that is. I suppose that's not very interesting, but it's very comforting.

I've only been dabbling in the arts lately, not as productive as usual. I've had a bit of the fog and fatigue going on, which is killing my attention span, motivation, and that 'good' feeling when you do things. The one thing that has been able to keep my attention has been paper cranes. I had a great idea a while back, about paper cranes as a Christmas ornament. So far I'm liking the wrapping paper ones better than the ones out of actual origami paper, but I'm getting more ideas. I still need to figure out how to preserve and strengthen them--torn between spray shellac and coating them with mod-podge or gel medium--but i'm excited to play with more papers and also two layers of paper. My dad is sending me more charts so I can play with them as well. I'm also thinking of doing some cheesy wrapping paper ones. Below, I had some fun playing with neon paints, and a quote that I am trying really hard to remember to practice daily. I need so much of a reminder that I actually posted it next to my bedroom door so that every time I leave the room, it catches my eye.

"Do not delay the difficult decisions or avoid the new habits that are necessary to advance your life. What must be done should be done with haste, for life is precious."

--Brandon Buchard

And, to complete this post, I leave you with... yes, it's a kitty with a pistol. Also a book on Bonsai and an unfinished zentangle. Such is the assortment of items on my bedroom floor. He loves helping.

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