Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yard Sale Win!

I was going to go on a very deep, introspective monologue about my latest work transition, but honestly I'm just too tired. Finally crashing from this week, I think.

Anyways, this weekend there was a garage sale [in the yard] less than a block away. It turns out that one of the guys who lived there used to own a gallery in Tacoma. Can you tell? I wanted to buy so much more, but I'll be content with these winners.

And by that I mean the painted vinyl. But yes, if you wanted more insight into the deeper workings of my life, on the right you will see my book case of poor lost souls [unread books], topped with a bit of art crap, the Edgar Allen Poe vinyl, a photograph I found [no clue where], a remake of the Gaelic Faodlah, and a charcoal [?] polar bear I demanded from a way-back-when friend. Left side, that's obviously Edward Scissorhands, but just btw, that Tank Girl is actually a Laser Disc, not a record. Yes, they existed, and yes, I have some. No, I can't watch them.

And this is the Godzilla wall I mentioned before. Fair warning, these were gifts for the specialest person ever, and I've got something else on the way. The top is a page from the original story boards, signed by Haruo Nakajima. Underneath that on the left is my art, but on the right, that's a framed and mounted 35mm clip from the original film. At the bottom is a print of the newest film's poster, the retro-styled version. Yes, I feed into his obsessions. And people used to claim I don't give good gifts!!

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