Friday, February 5, 2016

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Pupdate: Stitches came out on Tuesday, but Doc said we should keep the cone on for another week, in case the healing caused him to itch. Most of the fur has grown back so that's a plus. He's been really good and I'm home sick today so I could supervise completely... So today was Cash's first cone free day in over two weeks! YAY! He has only licked once or twice and generally doesn't seem to care about his foot, he's took excited that he doesn't run into things now. I think tonight he'll still get to sleep in the bed, but then we'll start to transition him back to the kennel for nite-nites.

What else? Well, I am dropping out of my math class because I'm too far behind. I was auditing a class--meaning taking it for free, and receiving no credit--but it was too far above my skill level. Mostly because the University goes on semesters and the community college goes on quarters. So I'm taking the rest of this quarter to focus on health and getting in shape and establishing a routine--not that being sick and having cramps is helping with any of that, but hey, baby steps. I bought a groupon for some Hot Yoga, so that will be kicking in as soon as my uterus quits kicking my ass.

Today I mostly laid in bed with Archer on, ate pho [magic soup], and worked on finishing up a baby blankie for a friend. I'm one row from being done, because I don't know if I have enough yarn to do a full border around the outside. I wish my hand would stop going numb... but that's kind of normal for me. Mildly annoying to take this many breaks, but it is what it is. I'm a little overwhelmed because I have two friends due in March and volunteered myself to send them blankies. Silly me, I forgot how much I procrastinate and ADD on projects. I only have slight baby envy. It's a little bittersweet that I'll never produce my own kid; but at the same time I was never sure I wanted to. Mostly I feel bad because I'm helping to perpetuate Idiocracy by not birthing an intelligent and responsible child. However, I would run the risk of ending up with some very bad physical defects,  which honestly I'm just not a big enough person to deal with. I don't want to end up with a kid and resent them, so I am probably just better off with a puppy. This has always been the case. That said, I love making blankies for my friends' kids, and I hope that I can be a positive influence on their lives in some way. And adoption is always an option later down the road, when life is much more settled.

Just realized I have 919 photos on my phone! That's a little bit overkill. I try to go through them and clean them out from time to time, but I'm always paranoid I'll have not backed something up enough and lose a picture I wanted to keep. Luckily my phone has a huge internal SD card.

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