Saturday, March 29, 2014

Apparently I CAN bake.

For years and years, I could never bake. My cookies... turned out like big flat muffins. Everything came out half-burned and half-uncooked. Somehow after deployment, everything I've put in the oven has come out tasty as all hell. Okay except maybe the 'anchor' cookies... they were taste alright, but boy did they ever look wrong. Anyways, Since I'm getting back into das blogging, and happened to bake today, tadah, easy blog posting on the books.

I was out of town for about a week, and there was a bunch of bananas on the counter, which I knew no one would eat while I was gone. All that really means for me, is to get prepared to make some sort of banana bread-type yumminess. I wasn't sure if I could find the same recipe I used last time, but luckily I did. Of course, I can't really 'go by' a recipe. I tend to use it as a jumping off point, and then have fun with it. Last time I ended up with dark-chocolate chip oatmeal banana muffins. They were delish. This time, I had some extra apples too, so I set out to combine these theories.

So. Diced apples plus that caramel apple dip, about three spoonfuls, and microwave for a couple minutes. 1.5 cups of flower, a dash of cinnamon of course, and 1/2 cup each white sugar, brown sugar, and oatmeal. 3 mushy bananas. 2 eggs, a generous splash of milk, and some vanilla extract. bake for about 50 minutes at 350. They come out very dense. This recipe will get you almost exactly a 3x6 muffin pan. I'm sure you could make it in a bread pan or whatever, but that's not my style. I use baking spray on a nonstick muffin pan, and I know they're done because when I stick a fork in them, they lift right out of the pan.

AND. Obligatory cute cat photo... Mr. Bill Apollo is learning how to be Maru 2.0, the American Box Cat.

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