Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Break Time!

Taking a break from organizing all teh books... It's a little overwhelming to organize them when I've got this new system in place. On the shelf next to my desk, all the books I own that I have not read. The other two shelves [maybe three, we'll see?]... well. It's hard to explain or express, but they are basically categorized in a few chunks: Astrology, politics, humor, Indian fiction, Irish and Celtic, novels/literature, and other textbooks. When I have a collection of a specific author [see also: Henry Rollins, Salman Rushdie, Chuck Palahnuik, and Chuck Klosterman] I have them organized by the date they were printed. Yes, I am that OCD. However, you know you've got a problem when not once but TWICE you find that you have two copies of the same book...... And then this happened. In case you doubt my authenticity, check the authors on the top row there... or check this blog for other photos of Derpy Bill.

So, as far as the Gel Medium goes, if you were keeping track... lesson learned. Fun fact: Gel Medium is mostly translucent, so, yeah, um, trying to transfer prints onto something dark, not so good. Either my art tips and ideas book didn't warn me, or I didn't pay attention to that detail. But rather than try a third time, I decided to run with it. The streaks are from the scraps of paper I left on from the first pass, I kind of like that... Well, I can live with it, at least. And now I know better--and I see when when I did my test transfer [on white paper] it worked so well. I'm looking forward to playing with this some more in the future, but I'm kind of waiting for something to strike me as strongly as this compilation did.


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