Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day Two of Temporary Freedom.

Not quite going as I had expected. Don't get me wrong, I am loving this. Of course I have a giant multi-page list of things that I want to get done in these too-short ten days, and so far I'm not sure I've actually accomplished a damn thing on it. But then again, part of being on leave is recuperating and relaxing. So I figure tomorrow will start my productive days.

I haven't cleaned up much, but we did sort of reorganize the upstairs. Moved my desk, but still waiting for the bed frame to show up. I put a little bit of stuff away, but nothing significant. The Moving Process is still in progress. I don't really remember what we did on Monday besides watch a movie, and then I made fried rice. Snack Bar is still continuously in awe of the combination of my culinary skills and the multitude of delicious food places T-Town has to offer. Like Italian delivery--not just pizza, but I mean like, homestyle Italian food, delivered to your house. Moral of the Story: After we get settled in, we are all definitely going to have to start working out. Because I certainly can't stop cooking. The boys would never allow that.

Today was supposed to be my first productive day... but... the universe has a sense of humor, or irony, or just timing, I suppose. This morning was supposed to be up-n-at-em-Atom-Ant to drop off a car for service down south, followed by a breakfast date and matinee of Guardians of the Galaxy. But alas, a good friend was leaving the new house on his motorcycle around midnight, and ended up crashing. Hit-n-Run. Seriously. So, we picked him up and took him home so his wifey could see he was in one piece, and then the guys left to pick up the bike and we had some girl time.

She's very spiritual and into art and such, so we generally have some good conversation. She showed me her newest tarot deck and indulged me with a brief reading. We even have the same opinion of such things--There is an inherent wisdom, but things like tarot and astrology are tools, and they are what you make of them. Like, they are a frame work, a way of organizing you thoughts or looking at things in a different way. So I think I will be getting back into that world a bit more these days. I have never been a particularly intuitive or spiritual person, but I do like to analyze these mechanisms in a logical or physiological manner. I find it interesting. When I step back and thing about it, I am almost a jack-of-all-trades... I have many many interests, but I don't necessarily delve deep or stay consistent. I take things in bits and pieces.

On a sad note, my dad had to put down the family dog, Molly. She as a really great dog, an Aussie, and loved the family as much as they loved her. I'm bummed for them. His birthday is in a couple weeks, maybe they will fill the gap with a new puppy. Sometimes it helps. But, with his birthday coming up, I sort of stumbled on making him some art. He always wraps my birthday presents in the spare aviation maps from his trips, and I think they are awesome. When I was setting up the art room, I found a few pages of them, and laid them out. For some reason, a flying fish stood out, so I slapped that on there too. Then I started putting the ideas together, and I took a quote of his for the finishing touch. He always supported me, even when I was stupid and rebellious. He raised me with this idea firmly rooted in my head, and I just wish I could figure out a way to make it happen. He sure has, and it never ceases to amaze me.

I experimented with Gel Medium once, and it worked phenomenally... but when I set this peice up for the official go, it completely failed. I actually went out and got another copy of the magazine just to get that photo again, because it's so crucial to the imagery that I can't replace it. Second try is pending, I'll be sure to update everyone if it works out or not.

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