Friday, August 8, 2014

Finally! [x2]

Two awesome things happened today. Two awesome, plus one really nice, plus one pretty damn bad.

Awesome #1:
The bedframe came today, and now it is finally assembled and situated, and we live like civilized people. I don't think I've had a bed with a frame in.... oh, at least five years. And a headboard? I can't even remember. It's nice.

Awesome #2:
While I was flipping through magazines to trash in the name of art, I found a smaller version of the photo I have been trying to work into my latest piece. I thought it was a lost cause, but when I found this smaller version, I took the lesson I learned [lighten the background before you use gel medium] and applied it. I stuck down a white tissue paper heart, and gel'ed the hell out of it on top of that. And finally, finally, I have achieved the look I was going for! Or at least.... close enough. Excuse the blur, I'm tired.

Really Nice:
Date day! Chinese buffet, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy. The theatre has these awesome recliner chairs, so you feel like you're at home. But they make snuggling a little difficult.

Pretty Damn Bad:
Checked the mail only to find out that the apartment complex thinks I should pay $1700 for the repairs on the apartment. I know it wasn't in the greatest shape when I left, and I expected a couple charges. But a whole paycheck? I think they need to readjust what they consider to be "normal wear and tear" to consider the fact that I had been renting that place for about six years. I mean seriously. I don't know how much I can get them to knock it down, but that's a little uncalled for. Luckily I found a site dedicated to quick pro bono legal advice, so I shot them an email to ask for more resources. Hopefully I can get them to knock down the charges a little bit. I mean, $6 to replace four lightbulbs? Really? To hell with that.

Bring on the laundry. Bring on the boxes. Bring on the yoga. Bring on the cleaning. Bring on the arts. Bring on the cat box. Bring on the car. Here's hoping I wake up with more energy than I did today, so I can actually get a large chunk of it done. 

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