Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Swamp Cooler

Oh internet, woe is your distractions!

I was originally tasked by hubs to research DIY USB battery power packs, but in the process was quickly whisked away to this article about eco-cooling [more or less]. WWA has been amazingly dry and hot this year, and I moved here for the drizzly 50-degree weather, so let me say, I am less than pleased with mother nature. Point being, as soon as I read the entry on how swamp coolers worked, I was predicting the next sentence: "This method can be as simple as throwing a wet towel over a fan." We have fans in all our windows. And as civilized folks who shower, we have towels. Tadah! Within about five minutes the temperature has definitely dropped, and the damp towel also mutes the hum of the fan on high. Somewhat.  Of course the towel is going to dry out pretty quickly, but it's a little less intensive and invasive than our practice last week of soaking our feet in a baster-pan filled with ice water. Win!

Oh and about those USB battery power packs... check back soon, I think we'll be building one in the near future. Anything is possible with a trip to Radio Shack and a soldering iron!

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