Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hoping to try and salvage some of the garden. I figured I would learn from my mistakes, and actually went out and bought some gravel for the replanting today. But... I didn't really want to buy a 10-pound bag of pea gravel, which also looked too big anyways. So instead I made a stop at the pet store and got a much smaller bag of unpainted aquarium rocks. I figure, close enough, right? So that will help with some of the drainage issues and over-watering I've been doing. I also put a little of the cactus/citrus mix between the gravel and the regular potting soil. Here's hoping it will make the peppers a little happier this time. I have one cayenne and nine jalapenos.

 Oh! And I found more sprouted garlic in my spice cabinet, so I'm trying to give those guys a better start--and hopefully not let the cat snack on them this time.

I'm also attempting to get some of the aloe "pups" to grow. I didn't read much about them besides "meh, they might sprout, put em in some dirt," so we'll see what happens.

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