Friday, August 3, 2012

I just make it up as I go...

Tonight hubby requested loads upon loads of velveeta mac... but the catch is, he wanted spirals. Can't seem to find that at our grocery stores any more. I figured I could buy a slab of the cheese and whip him up some real ol' fashioned homemade in the oven mac, so I went to the store. Turns out there was a recipe right on the box! Of course, we never eat mac plain, and also, I have some weird compulsion to ignore recipes. So, I threw in some tuna [3 cans, I think I'll use more next time] and some frozen corn, and also doubled the recipe. Hey, he said he wanted leftovers to snack on all night!

All in all it turned out pretty good, but I'd like more of the crunchy cracker top crust next time. I think I'd like to bake it a little longer too, but SOMEone was demanding cheeeeeese. Since then it's been a lovely night filled with homemade tuna-mac, sweet Riesling, and season 2 of Lost. Hey, I might be behind the power curve on entertainment, but at least I don't have to wait a week between episodes!

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