Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Her Second Episode

I got the message on my facebook again today:

"Mom needs you to call her about Noel."

Noel being Nelly, my ol' doggie dog; the message coming from my little brother. For some reason my mom's technological skill seems to be declining.

Point being, Nelly had another attack of her vascular disorder/disease. It tends to be more common in dogs her age. This time it was worse, with the head tilt, twitchy eyes, and nausea.  The attacks come on suddenly, and symptoms generally dissipate over a few days. It is apparently not a painful problem, but very stressful. Most dogs only have one attack with a few residual symptoms, but this is Nelly's second episode since June. I asked my mom to sit tight and see if she improved. There's not much vets can do most of the time--they can check to see if it's caused or exacerbated by an ear infection, and maybe some vitamins or IV liquids or nausea meds. I hope she makes it through deployment so I can at least see her again, and maybe even bring her back home.

I'm sending her the blanket I've been saving... just wanted to wait until it smelled like home. And also a harness to help them help her get around, and some treats too. I hope she enjoys them.

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