Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Same Sad Fate

Well. All but one or two of the peppers I replanted have also died. My only guess is that I am moving them too early. The cayenne is still hanging in there, but the jalapenos couldn’t hack it. I even used some gravel to help with drainage, tried to balance between too wet and too dry, and changed their location so they wouldn’t get too scorched by the sun. No avail. Maybe I’m not meant to grow peppers. The carnivorous plants are sucking through distilled water like crazy. The random thing that just won’t die is continuing to sprout new leaves and blooms. The tomato plant was wilting on the front porch, now in the back porch with only a couple hours of evening sun it has made almost a full recovery. The aloe is doing okay. I was reading that generally you only want to water them about once a week, but with the recent warm-and-sunny spell so uncharacteristic of WA, the soil dries out completely every couple of days. The strawberry is sprouting a lot of new leaves, but seems like every week or so I have to cut more dead ones off. The bell pepper has also started sprouting new leaves, it was plateaued for a pretty long while there. Note, spell check does not believe that ‘plateaued’ is a word.

So that’s the plants update. Nothing particularly new in the crafting department… finished kitty beds and the girls both love them. Trigger even borrowed Lily’s for a while. They didn’t turn out like I’d wanted, but cats don’t mind, they are just fluffy things to sit upon. Now working on a grocery bag holder. Big grin.

Took lots of photos of a friend’s band, Generation Unknown, the other night. They played a great set, and I will say, they are one of my favorite bands to photograph. So much energy and character on stage! Shameless plug: go their FB and ‘like’ them. I need to do a little editing of the—gasp—originally over 700 photos… mostly just a little tweaking brightness and contrast. I’m thinking of starting a photobucket or flikr or something like that, to have a place to post photos that is more focused than FB.

Today is my second day back to work, and boy it blows every bit as much as I thought it would. I very much hate being at the whim of someone who drags their feet at work because they’re using work as an excuse to avoid their family. You know what, some of us like going home. Some of us also live more than five minutes from work. [Sure okay that’s my decision to do so, but I stick by it]. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again [many more times I’m sure] I don’t mind staying late if I’m actually working. If I’m in the middle of a project—that you didn’t dump in my lap after lunch—I’d rather see it through. But… sitting around with a bunch of half finished projects which are all at a sticking point for the day… what good does that do anyone? Correct Answer: NONE. Then again, military and logic never do go hand in hand.

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