Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love for the Critters

 So, my Nelly-dog is getting old and senile. Since we only have an apartment, she's staying with my mom, who has a yard--with only two or three stairs, not a flight. Nelly can't really see or hear very well any more, and a couple months ago she had a vestibular attack. She's doing okay now, but still looks lost sometimes. My mom asked if I would send her a blanket or something that smelled like home. Lucky for Nelly, I have umpteen half-finished crochet projects. I had intended to see this one through [of course] and crochet a huge afghan for the bed. I lost interest. But! It is the perfect size for a Nelly, especially folded in quarters, like in the photo. Folding it also makes it a little squishier, which I'm sure will compliment her arthritis. Now for the hardest part: Boxing it up with some doggie treats and sending it to California. Gotta find the shark-tooth necklace I got my brother from Hawaii, too.

I found a pattern for a kitty bed too... Not sure if I am fail, or chose bad yarn. I also made it way too big; she's a pretty small cat. I figured she would like the fuzzy yarn, and it was close enough to black. Sure enough, while I was making it, she loved sitting right on my lap in the middle of everything. Now that I'm done, she's not particularly interested. Hubs says she's waiting til I'm gone and she misses me. Miss Princess [not pictured] has a tendency to "hide" on the blanket that's the same color as her--a sort of cinnamon--so hubs asked me to make one for her so we can have our blanket back. I'm about halfway done with that one!

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