Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So, it's my first night home. At some point, I casually mention to hubby, "Oh, did you hear about the Squidbillies Cover Contest?" He is mildly intrigued, whips out iPad, begins to half-assed cover the theme song. Somehow I made a joke about synching the theme song to a Metalocalypse video... and such, genius was born. In the span of about an hour, without leaving the couch--and at 4 am I might add!--hubs recorded the whole clip. Somehow between the two of us we managed to scrounge enough video editing skills to make it mildly believable. Now our video is posted in the contest, and any time we watch it we giggle maniacally because it a) is totally rediculous and b) was so simple to put together. Figures, my first night home and what do we do? Record metal at 3 in the morning. Yup, sounds just about right...

And now, for your viewing pleasure: Squidpocalypse. 

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