Monday, July 30, 2012

Good Luck Chuck

This is our house-spider. Today I decided his name is Chuck. He only has six legs, which kind of makes me wonder if I should still consider him a spider. When I was younger, my mom always said that it was bad luck to kill a spider in your house, and it was good luck to have a spider [non-poisonous of course] hanging out. This guy had a web on our porch stairs for over a week, until I accidentally transported him upstairs while bringing up groceries. Once I noticed he was stuck on the bag I set him free on the porch, and he spun a whole new web over night. Unfortunately, I'll have to move him again because his new web is attached to my steamer trunk, but it makes me happy to see him every time I go down the stairs. I can always tell it's him because of the missing legs. Without getting too mushy and inspirational, he kind of makes me smile.

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