Friday, July 20, 2012

Haze Grey +25 [the homestretch]

Haven’t really had much to write about lately, mostly just absurd work BS. Some bath-salts freak tried to break into our house a couple weeks ago; hubby wanted to nail him with the compound bow but the cops got there in time instead. Funny thing is, almost the exact same incident happened at almost the exact same time, not more than a mile down the road.

Have been working out mostly regularly, nothing particularly interesting to update there. My knees are killing me; considering my mom has old sports injuries and my dad just had surgery for his knee last week, I’m a little nervous. Bring on the fish oil, I suppose. Was chatting with coworkers and to be “healthy” I will take a handful of about 15 supplements and vitamins each day. Looking forward to that. *sarcasm*

Last night my I let my phone battery run down all the way on accident, and ever since, it has not wanted to turn back on. Hopefully I can just get away with replacing the battery once I’m home, but that’s going to make my next few days extremely annoying. I miss my phone!

When we hit SanD the other day I was able to get Steam into offline mode via my phone [because that’s the one Starbucks in all of America that doesn’t have wifi—wtf?]. Since then I started a new Gods & Kings [Civ 5] game as Babylon and I am generally digging the expansion. They nerfed a couple things that I will miss, but the whole Faith aspect is a really cool game addition. Hubby bought us all the DLC too, so we have every possible leader. I can’t wait to get home and try it out with hubs! After I beat the pants off of this game, I’m going to try a harder difficulty and also explore some of the other cultures. I also got the brilliant idea to do some research [I am still comparatively new to Civ, I only picked it up at civ4] and make an afghan with squares from each core civilization. They all have “team colors” and a little icon, so I think it could be really cool. For example, USA is a white star on a blue background, and England is a white crown on a red background. Hubs thinks I’m a geek.

Speaking of crochet, I have kind of been letting that slide lately. It’s hard to keep up with finding patterns that are mindless enough for me to pick up and put down whenever—tapestry style [using charts] is not particularly good for that. I learned how to do a treble front-post, but can’t get the squares to look neat since I’m not alternating colors. My bad.

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