Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Poor Plants-ies

Well, I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news is, I definitely did NOT inherit my mother's plant-killing-thumb. The bad news is, my garden is codependent and can't survive without me. Not quite sure why, except I know hubby couldn't care for them very well post-op. The other good news is, a few things actually did survive. And worst case scenario, we got our toes wet, so next year we'll have a better idea of what to do. I'll be home a little on the late side of planting, but then again, this is WA and we started all of our seeds indoors anyways. So, after a little love and pruning, here's what we've got left.

The pepper we bought is fine. Apparently peppers do better without me around because I overwater them anyways. The greenhouse is next to the window, so even if the plant lights weren't on, they still got some sun. I'm going to keep this guy inside for a while and see if i can get him to grow a bit before he turns into an outside plant. The tomatoes... sigh, the tomatoes. It had grown so tall that it had totally eclipsed my assisting-stick, then flopped over. I cut a lot of it back, but she still looks droopy and wilty. I don't know if that's too much water, or not enough, or maybe it's been too hot outside. No clue. Fingers crossed for that one.

  The cayennes I replanted all died, but one that I ignored actually sprouted. The jalapenos actually came in big time, so I am going to replant them soon and see if we have better luck.

Three of my fly-traps died. This one is still hanging in there; I saw a couple new sprouts so I'm going to try and salvage. The scarlett belle is actually doing about as well as when I left, somehow.

Of all the herbs, the only one left is Oregano, and that's tentative at best. I think that's because like peppers, I tend to overwater them; they like slightly drier conditions. I put it outside, hopefully they'll perk up.

 My once perky strawberry plant lost all her flowers, but is still hanging in there. I cut off all the dead stuff, so hopefully it will bounce back.

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