Sunday, July 1, 2012

Haze Grey +6

So it’s been tough to write daily. Yesterday we got facebook back so I did that instead. I know, I know, slap my wrists and call me bad. Yesterday I also went to the dentist, who then told me I should go take a nap. So I did, and it was glorious. Setting someone up to fail big time tomorrow, not on purpose, but it’s just kind of an inevitability. Mandatory PT starts tomorrow, it makes me sad. I did just over 4 miles today in 45 minutes. Still keeping with my 11 min/mi average. Honestly if I got it down to 10 minutes I’d pass. That is on an elliptical though, and it’s so much easier to do that than run on a treadmill. I hate treadmills. I’d rather run on the street than on a treadmill. And you know, I really hate thinking about working out. I really really hate working out. I dread it so fiercely. It goes against everything I believe in, except wanting to be hot and flexible. But once I actually get out there, and once I get done, I do feel better. It’s just getting started that is so hard to do. I need more motivation. I’m thinking of doing some P90X or Insanity at home, except I don’t think that would work well in an upstairs apartment. Trying to get the videos from someone before we get home.

Apparently my old senile puppy-girl misses me even though she’s losing her mind. She’s safe with my mom down in CA, because she’s home more and has a yard and can make her more comfortable than I can in an apartment. I still feel like an asshole for letting her go. Maybe when we move I can bring her home. But she apparently misses me and doesn’t understand why I’m not there, so I need to send a pillow or a blanket or a shirt. I’m thinking of making her a blanket and then sleeping with it for a couple nights to get it to smell right. I don’t think we kept her doggie bed or I’d send that too. Maybe I’ll throw in some bones or treats or something because I feel guilty and I want her to be happy. It sounds like she is, but I feel so bad abandoning my dog. We got her when she was like a month old, way too early, and she’s been with me 13 or 14 of her 15 years. When I first moved to college she couldn’t come with me, but by the time I was a junior she was back. She stayed with my mom then too.

This is a photo of Nelly when she was “young,” back in 2000-ish. She was already about 5 by then I think.

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  1. Mountain Mermaid7/9/12, 6:45 AM

    She is the cutest! Love dogs that are all ears :-) reminds me of my Bella dog. Our dogs have to go live with Kevin's parents for a while, and I really like the idea of sending them a blanket. Good idea!