Friday, June 29, 2012

Haze Grey +5

Getting harder and harder to write.
Today was annoying and stupid and maybe I’m just being hormonal but I can tell my attitude and my emotions are all out of whack. I don’t like it. So to kind of punish myself or something, I ran through two episodes of Tara instead of just one. I screwed up the program on the elliptical, but I can say I definitely hit 4.75 miles, and it was probably like 50 minutes or something. I guess my self-destructive body knows I did something good, because now it wants me to pig out. It’s weird, because my muscles don’t hurt, but my knees are starting to instead.

In other news, I’ve finished two new sets of crochet squares. Pics will be added when I get to SanD. I hope my girls are keeping up on their ends, but as someone said to me today, “it’s not like they have hours of watch to sit around and work on stuff.”

I also rigged some “test equipment” today, because I’m tired of getting sent all the way back to our shop because someone doesn’t know how to plan for a trouble call. It would have been prettier if I had access to a soldering iron, but I made it work just fine with some electrical tape.

PS. I now hate airplanes. I used to have a general affinity for them, thanks to my dad, but now… well… those jerks are loud and just ruin your day.

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