Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My cats all have hobbies...

Our fat orange cat is a foodie. At dinner time he will wander from person to person, politely asking for a sample. We figure he tries to eat the garlic in the garden because it smells like dinner. Our princess cat likes girl time; any time I get dressed to go out she wants me to powder her nose. If she is "naked" she will bring us beads or bows and howl until we dress her up. Over the past couple of days, we have found out that the little one--she's tiny even though she's now FIVE years old!--likes to garden with me. Whenever I go over to the greenhouse, she saunters up and mews at me. So I pulled out the wheatgrass [we bought it for the kitties anyway] and she had herself a grand ole time. She was kind enough to pose for a quick photo.

I moved the garlic out to the patio because it got some mites. I thought the fresher air might do it some good. Not five minutes later, this little sneak crawled into the bottom of the greenhouse and cuddled up next to the other planter for a nap.

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