Monday, June 18, 2012

Day Nineteen: I repotted the fool...

Heh, sorry, another attempt at terrible puns.

Hubby had a pretty nasty foot surgery today. He insisted I not spend the entire time in the hospital waiting room, so I begrudgingly complied and had a brief jaunt around Kmart [because I am a cheapy]. I finally picked up some repotting supplies--well, aside from the 10 lbs of dirt sitting in my apartment. Hubby was pleased and told me to go ahead and repot what needed it during his next percocet-nap. So, the roma tomatoes are now split up a little, and our rogue late-blooming asparagus has a pot to itself for now [his brothers are planted next to basil]. The strawberry and bell pepper have moved to larger pots that hopefully will be their endgame lairs. They will probably be too big for the greenhouse soon, and have to join Suzy the tomato plant on the porch. I repotted the rosemary too, although much later than I should have. Here's hoping it bounces back. The garlic is still... hit or miss.

you made my hands smell good.

I love these little compostable/plantable temp pots
she's getting so tall!

happy and sad garlic

The best news of all, however, pertains to our Cayenne peppers. Last night our good friends Irene and Sir William came by to do some recording on a last-minute epic metal track. While Irene was throwing down some growls that make the girl from Arch Enemy sound like a kitten, Sir William and I had a chat about how the peppers were being shy. Apparently I was busy drowning them! He told me to ditch the clear lid on the sprouter greenhouse, and not even 24 hours later, Bjorn and Sven [so named for their "metal roots"--ba-dum chhh] decided to pop out of the dirt! eeeee! Maybe more of them will sprout and we can have a whole pepper metal band.

Bjorn and Sven, thanks to the Pepper Whisperer.

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