Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day Thirteen: an effin' flower!

 Holy Crap!

So once a week I have to be at work for 24 hours, give or take the work day before and/or after [if there is one]. I came home today to find this! The strawberry plant is now flowering. Out of nowhere. Once again, I thought it was gonna die, and my rescue plant pulls through.

In related news, half of our garlic started to get really sad. Turns out that stuff grows fast, and all the roots were all tangled and mushed. So we broke down and replanted it in one of the planter boxes. Then I had to go run and buy more dirt and another planter box, so we moved over the asparagus and basil. The asparagus had also started growing roots out the bottom of the pods. Our awesome pal Irene is going to score some leftover pots from her sweetie for us, and as soon as she pulls through we'll replant most of the other herbs. Still no word on the peppers, here's hoping they're just shy. 

So far the Miracle-Gro has lived up to its name, I just about swear by the stuff. I am still amazed by watching plants grow almost literally before our eyes. If I'm in this much awe, as a grown up lady, I can only imagine how magical it must be for children. This is definitely something we'll have to continue when we have a little mini-me. 

replanted basil
replanted garlic, hope it perks up!

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