Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Overdue

Welp, hubby was chiding me that "you said that you would put other stuff on your blog too, not just girlie stuff! You should tell the whole story!" IE, things of the musical and geekical varieties. Yes, I made up a word. I'm allowed, I have an English degree. I was going to blawg about soldering a 1/4" cable for the show on Friday, but I didn't have enough time to sit down and do it so hubby took over. But I can still solder stuff!!

It's been a helluva couple days, what with work and running around and trying to sleep and clean the place up for next week... Tonight the local bro-in-law and his lovely lady stopped by on their way from Portland to Seattle. He's a bit of a karaoke nut, but hasn't been out in a while. Luckily in Tacoma you can pretty much throw a rock and find a bar that offers karaoke, even on a weeknight. Somehow I had the brilliant idea to check out The Thunderbird, aka, "T-Bird," or sometimes just, "The Bird." Our friends live a couple blocks away, and have been trying to get us out for many moons. The perk for us, aside from location, is that the Bird is one of--if not THE--last bar you can smoke in in Pierce County. Hell, in all of Western WA as far as I know. Yes, I know, you can smoke in Casinos. But whatever.

Long rambling story short: T-bird = win. Best karaoke guy ever. Sound set up is not amazing, but his karaoke system is all automated and shit. You can search his entire catalog, which is already pretty much way better than anyone else's, AND, if he doesn't have it, I hear he is pretty cool about working with you to make whatever obscure Chechnyan Polka Dance Rock song you can't quite remember the name of. AND! Best part of all, he has a rolling ticker on the big screen that displays the next three singers. No longer must you have the, "oh god I really have to pee but what if I'm next?" discussion in your head. AND! Just kidding, I apparently just like conjunctions today.

Ironically, the friend who'd been trying to get us to visit happened to stop by. And Irene randomly decided to sing a country song. Hubby was impressed... he doesn't realize that, especially for women, singing country is a lot easier than singing other stuff. Unless it's the really high lofty style vocals. I butchered some Bad Religion and have now sworn off karaoke-ing punk rock for good. This time I took notes and will make a mix CD for the car to practice with. I knew I should've done Cake instead.

Also, Irene brought me a book about "container gardening." WIN, plant reference.

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