Monday, June 25, 2012

Haze Grey +0

Man, I got really spoiled at home. I haven’t worked this much in a while. Granted it is mostly BS, but you know. I got lazy. Today I got extremely intimate with the innerworkings of Bose audio systems, and let me tell you… waste of damn money. They’re like Macs, you have to just buy a new one. You can’t upgrade or replace a damn thing. They suck!

I hear that my babes ain’t doin so hot, so if any of you Tacoma folks are reading this, please drop him a line to at least say hi and remind him you’re around. You know he’s too stubborn to ask for much unless he really needs it, so please, if he asks for something, know that he must mean it.

I also went to the dentist today… at 7 pm… those guys don’t screw around! My mouth hurts but I really liked the dental officer. I’ll have to go back in for a few touch ups, so that will make this week extra fun. Is it weird that any time they give me novacaine I generally end up taking a nap while they work on my teeth?? Sitting at the dentist halfway inspired me though; I really do need to take better care of myself and work towards becoming a better person. I’m kind of feeling bittersweet though, because I always do this: get fired up, make grandiose promises to myself, then bail within the week. I need to turn my life around. I mean diet, exercise, mental and physical health, finances, business, career, attitude, balancing act, time management, etc etc etc. No time quite like this to start changing habits for the better. I’d like to actually succeed this time. I always feel compelled to make lists… but never follow through. I want to follow through. How can I track my progress?

My face is still numb, but I’m looking forward to getting rocked to sleep by the waves tonight… not quite as nice as having someone’s arms around me and three other furry someones monopolizing the rest of the bed, but it’ll do, I guess. I’m not looking forward to washing dishes in the upstairs sink.


  1. Recent research about weight loss/lifestyle changes show that sharing your progress on social sites like a blog, Twitter/FB actually increase success. It's like peer pressure in the digital age. There are simple things that you can do just using this blog to track. I know folks who share at the end of each post a series of numbers that they are tracking: weight/distance walked/pages read/hours worked... whatever it is. mine would look something like this everyday 200/0/0/15
    You can also set up a handy dandy google form to track things. You fill it out daily and google makes a pretty spreadsheet.

    Love that you are blogging. Thank you for staying close.

  2. would love to see what you are talking about, but it's probably blocked on my work internet :( i do have a weight tracker through another site... it's halfway encouraging and halfway sad.