Thursday, June 28, 2012

Haze grey +3

Forgot to write yesterday. Seems like everything is breaking all at the same time, we have been so busy lately.

My thought for the day is this: You can definitely tell which people are only children, and which ones were raised with brothers and sisters. Two of the gals I bunk with are fine and dandy and polite and friendly, and we try to stay out of each others’ way. Two of them must be on different schedules from me because I never ever see them. But one, oh the one… if I don’t make it out of bed before her in the morning, I’m screwed.

In other news, I may have lost my headphones somewhere inside my sleeping bag. But I ran 3 miles on the elliptical in 32 minutes. I know by most standards that’s slow as shit; almost 11 minutes per mile. I need to get down to a 10-minute mile or better, my goal is 1.5 in 15 minutes. [someone may need to check my math]. It’s cool because it seems like the way I arranged my schedule I was about 10 minutes ahead of one of said bunkmates, so it actually ran quite smoothly, and I still had time to eat. But if I’m going to do a repeat of that I need to go now, especially since I need to find my headphones… that way I can run and watch United States of Tara, courtesy of Miss J.T.

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