Thursday, July 12, 2012

Haze Grey +16.5

Okay yes I know 16.5 is a strange number. Mainly because today would be 17, but I’m more writing about yesterday, which was 16. I managed to go to bed at grandma hour just because I couldn’t entertain myself to stay up any later, and ended up sleeping for about ten hours. I think I needed that, I feel a lot more normal today.

Which somehow reminds me… I want one of those deployment countdown calendar things… Like when we were kids and you’d make the paper chain to count down til Christmas? I want one of those. Unfortunately if I made one, it would probably go around our shop about ten times on the day we leave. I mean, we’re talking somewhere in the nature of like 250 days. That’s depressing as all hell.

ANYways, on a more positive note. Yesterday we did circuit training based on muay thai. It wasn’t that great of a workout because it wasn’t consistent activity. I can see how it could be really awesome, but it’s essentially fat kid camp, so we had to keep stopping and what not. Aside from the guys instructing us, I’m practically the most in-shape one there… until I have to do anything on my back. Situps, crunches, leg lifts, etc. All of that, I am basically a cripple. The back pain is fairly instant; feels like muscle spasms. I’m not going to freak out about it yet, I’m kind of blaming it on a weakness on my part. I have been thinking about it too, and if I can meet the requirements later on, I think I’d like to take over that job. I know you have to score well on the fitness test, but honestly, if I have to be there all the time anyways, doing it is probably the only way I will keep working out, because I’m so lazy. So if I volunteer to help out, I have a reason to be there. And I think I can motivate people more by saying, honestly, “I’ve been in your shoes before, quit whining and do your best.”

After an hour of circuit training I went to do my run. My mile hit at about 12 minutes, my 1.5 mile was around 18. However—at my max time to pass the 1.5 mile, I was only 0.10 short!! That makes me feel pretty good. I ran for a total of 30 minutes including cool down, and hit 2.5 miles. I think I want a mile meter like the yarn meter I have. I’m curious to see how much [if any] weight I’ve lost. I’ll know on the 16th, and also probably my measurements. The good/bad news is that since will be deployed, they generally don’t make us run the whole fitness test, just do the body fat part. That means I should be able to pass no problem if I keep this up. My issue has always been not preparing, being inconsistent… now I really have no excuse to be inconsistent, and if I keep this up for the… oh… four months I have left before the test, I should be able to get down to size. It just rubs me the wrong way to walk around out here and see so many “real” fat people in the military, to where I don’t understand why they are still in, and yet everyone wants to give me a hard time just because I am Super-Pear shaped. The way they measure fat is completely BS. Granted I don’t know that switching to other, more accurate ways would be in my favor, but still. Measuring my “hips” below my hip bone just because it’s the “widest point” [read, “fattest part of yo ass”] doesn’t sit well with me.

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