Sunday, October 21, 2012

I still don't regret it...

I’ve had a reoccurring thought to myself as of late.

I look around, and you know what? Tattoos just don’t look as good as they used to.

A couple years ago, I would find them very attractive, interesting. Now… every Tom, Dick, and Sally has one, and they’re getting old. [as in, played out, not as in Sally herself is old and what used to be a cute kitten is now a floppy lion] Maybe now that they’re a dime a dozen, especially in the military, maybe they aren’t interesting any more. Maybe that’s why I liked them. I’ve seen so many bad ones—and I mean not only just absolutely stupid, meaningless tattoos, but also, the ones that were poorly done or not taken care of—that really, they don’t have the same effect on me. People just don’t care any more. I see a girl with full sleeves now and then, and instead of thinking “Man, I’d really like to check those out! I wonder what the theme is!” I just think “Meh…. Ew?”  I can’t tell you how many Koi & Water Asian Themed half-sleeves I see. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the art, the tattoos are done well, but… where’s the creativity? Come on, people. You’ve been in the military for a half a second and went out and got some nautical themed tattoos, aren’t you clever. Sigh. [on that note, do you think Davy Jones could be considered a zombie??]

Having worked at a wonderful tattoo shop for a couple years, I understand not only the passion that an artist can pour into a piece, but also the pride with which some people wear them. I don’t get that feeling out of most of the people I see walking by now. Tattoos are just a piece of skin, an every day occurrence. Nothing fantastic or amazing about them anymore. Everyone has one. This type of thinking very much saddens me, and I’m quite surprised to find myself feeling that way.

But you know what? I still love all of mine and I don’t regret them at all. Well, except maybe that one… but mostly, I forget I have them, and I’m shocked when people don’t know they’re hiding under my uniform. Apparently I don’t look like a tattoo girl “on the outside.” [wow, since when?!]

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