Friday, October 12, 2012

Things I Have Learned of Late

--I can tolerate Bleu Cheese dressing.
--Not so much with the swordfish steaks. They have skin and bones, which is ew.
--Worcestershire sauce is more than just a marinade, it is apparently a condiment as well.
--Worcestershire sauce is tasty on kidney beans and over-cooked salmon.
--After-dinner-coffee is always appropriate, and AWESOME.
--South Asia makes way better coffee than anywhere else I know. Sorry, Seattle.
--Everywhere has nothing on home. Except Thailand. Okay, but Thailand would have been WAY better with any of the folks I currently am missing.
--A thin long-sleeved shirt is sometimes cooler and more comfortable than a tee-shirt. Temperature wise.
--Just because you clicked ‘record’ doesn’t mean your device is recording.
--Just because you batch-converted something to mp4 doesn’t mean every episode in the season will play.
--Just because there’s a Starbucks, doesn’t mean there’s free wifi.
--Always charge your ipod. Like, every night. It is nearly impossible to work out without some form of entertainment.
--Sometimes it’s best to take initiative and own up for your mistakes. Sometimes, it’s best to keep your mouth shut, because someone has your back. AKA, it’s really hard to recall emails.
--My phone makes a terrible alarm clock.
--My alarm clock makes a terrible alarm clock.
--You can always judge a person based on the music in their library, but you can’t always predict the library by judging the person.
--If you go to a Hard Rock CafĂ© overseas, ask if they honor the 15% “I’m an American!” discount.
--iPads are pretty damn convenient, when you can get them to work right.
--I should make coffee about half as strong as I am used to in order to get it to stop tasting sour. Go figure!
--Buffets in foreign lands should perhaps be avoided, or at least regarded with extreme skepticism. O She of the Iron Stomach has fallen.
--Sometimes you just gotta grow a pair and step up.
--Sometimes you just gotta shut your mouth and fade in to the background.
--I make an incredibly effective prostitute-repellent. Tested, tried, and true! [Although not hawker-repellent]
--I need to either go to bed earlier, or stay up later. I haven’t figured out which yet.
--Be motivated, but be quiet about being motivated.
--Find a way to de-stress. Whatever that may be.
--Some songs never lose their relevancy to you on a deeper level. You always like them and they always connect, but sometimes you have to -facepalm- over how things have changed since the last time you had a moment. You gotta listen to more than just the sounds, sometimes it’s the lyrics that need attention.

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