Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sigh. Day One.

We are hauling ass and taking names. I was upstairs earlier and the amount of wind we are generating is just astounding. Not looking forward to the next month or so… it’s going to be hellish until things get settled down.


In other news, 65 days to loose, oh, maybe 30-40 pounds? It’s hard to say, because the way they measure when you’re over “weight” is pretty messed up, I’ve passed on the tapes while still being about 30 actual pounds over. Fascinating, huh? I’ve been clocking at least 5 miles a day so far, until San Diego. Better get right back on that. Soon they’ll be running fat camp though, which is hit or miss.


 I also have to get anthrax and smallpox vaccines. So I get the nasty scar that looks like someone put out a cigar on your shoulder. Already with the drama though… this is going to be less than pretty and I’m not looking forward to it.


Pics in about two months, got some awesome ones so far.

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