Thursday, September 20, 2012

So Much Nothing...

Sorry if this photo is a repost, but this is the yarn stash I brought with me on the boat. The dark red one is done, the blue and black one is done, the fluffy yellow/green/purple is done, and the Lily is done too. I just started on that funky turquoise. I had to stop knitting in bed because it hurts my hands too bad… so I started reading some Douglas Adams instead. I am thoroughly enjoying that, even if I can only sneak a couple chapters at a time. I might just be borderline narcoleptic. 


Well, we’ve been at sea for three weeks straight now, and away from home for a solid month. It sucks. There’s not even really anything to write about, really, but today I felt like trying. I can’t quite get on a regular schedule, and some of you can imagine how nuts that drives me. I did really good on my diet for a few days, lots of water and nothing but veggies and chicken… but then I slipped once and opened the floodgates. I think it started with a half a baked potato… and then they served mac-n-cheese for three days straight… and lately they’ve had sweet potato fries, and those aren’t as bad as regular potatoes, right? ;)


I’ve got 46 days left, so it’s time to focus. We’ll see how that goes. Fat Camp doesn’t seem to be helping much. A week or two ago—when I was eating right—I noticed a big difference. I have a two-pack now [and I don’t mean my butt, for all you navy people!] but it is squishy. I need to update my dailymile. It’s hard to find a machine here unless you want to wait in line for a half hour. They have a row machine in the forward gym, and bikes too, I’m thinking about making those regular visits. I also got some Insanity/P90X/whichever from a buddy, and I found a nice little quiet store room that is REALLY HOT where I can take my yoga mat and go work out. And also, free hot yoga [lol]. That is, until someone tells me not to.


So yeah, my day pretty much amounts to killing time, waiting for shit to break [I did have a fun adventure in a very hot dome with a very big satellite dish], working out, being grumpy, reading, knitting, and scrolling through facebook with nothing interesting to say for myself.



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